cover image: The Future of Work in Central America and the Dominican Republic (English)


The Future of Work in Central America and the Dominican Republic (English)

6 May 2024

Technological progress has the potential to cause significant disruption in labor markets. This report examines the impact of computers, robots, AI, and improved ICT at work on labor markets in CADR. Advanced economies offer a model for how the future of work will look in Central America and the Dominican Republic (CADR), but important differences in development stages mean that the labor market impacts of technological progress are distinct now and are likely to continue to be in the near future. The report focuses on these technologies as the most likely to have shaped labor markets in the region in the recent past and the most likely to shape them in the near future. The report first examines how technological progress within the region is shaping what workers do and how they do it. The report goes beyond the analysis of susceptibility to automation to dissect the factors underlying recent labor market transformations and undercover the extent to which technological change has played a role in these transformations. The report also examines how technological progress outside of the region is shaping labor markets within it by investigating how robot adoption in the United States is affecting the demand for CADR workers in CADR countries and for CADR workers in the United States.
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Moroz,Harry Edmund, Viollaz,Mariana

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