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Shape your - Student Guide 2025 career

8 May 2024

Our programs at the University of Sydney The United States Studies Centre offers units of study as part of full-degree programs administered by the University of Sydney. [...] The culture is incredibly supportive and everyone is making a unique contribution to the world in their respective fields.” Ojasvi Rana USSC Research Intern enrolled in Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering Honours On the heels of a transformative experience as an exchange student in the United States, Ojasvi chose to intern with the United States Studies Centre to co. [...] Students learn the history of US participation in wars, assess the impact of nationalism and liberalism on US foreign policy, examine key regional and bilateral relationships, and explore the US response to global warming and the international refugee crisis. [...] Students review the role of the media in shaping debates in American society as well as the global power of the American media. [...] Students also examine the impact of the internet on American journalism and the future of the media.
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