cover image: Appliance standards are key to driving the transition to efficient electric homes - IEEFA briefing slides


Appliance standards are key to driving the transition to efficient electric homes - IEEFA briefing slides

1 May 2024

Electric panel heater 15 years Gas instant HWS 15 years • The decision of which appliance to Gas cooktop 14 years purchase today impacts a Induction cooktop 14 years household’s energy bills for many Gas storage HWS 13 years years to follow Reverse-cycle air conditioner 12 years • The point of time at which an Heat pump HWS 12 years appliance wears out is also the most Electric storage HWS 12 year. [...] 3 Our analysis looked at two categories of appliance upgrades: Electrification of gas appliances: Upgrading resistive electric appliances: From To From To Gas ducted heaters Reverse-cycle air Resistive electric space Reverse-cycle air conditioners heaters conditioners Gas room heaters Resistive electric water Heat pump hot water Gas instant hot water Heat pump hot water heaters systems systems sys. [...] Gas cooktops Induction cooktops Gas ovens Electric ovens 4 We estimated the number of appliances installed per year • Estimation based on source data and stock numbers from Residential Baseline Study • ~940,000 gas appliances per year • ~800,000 resistive electric appliances per year Source: IEEFA analysis of sources from EnergyConsult 2021. [...] Expanding GEMS to cover a broader range of appliances • Some products in our analysis are already subject to GEMS determinations: • Air conditioners (including reverse- cycle) • Electric water heaters (excluding heat pumps) • Gas water heaters • However others are missing: • Gas space heaters • Electric resistive heaters • Heat pump hot water systems • Cooktops 13 2. [...] • Some gas appliances are currently excluded from GEMS • Electric un-vented • Gas storage water • Others are included in separate displacement water heaters determinations from electric heaters • Gas instantaneous • Electric vented water heaters appliances displacement water heaters • Structuring determinations • Electric heat exchange water heaters around a single end-use could enable a direct co.
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