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Automated management in work and employment outreach screened assessing

13 May 2024

The work and employment to deployment of automation and artificial intelligence (Al) in employment settings investigate the implications of this co nstitutes the convergence of a broad range of interrelated technologies and broad transformation to the digital methods, including monitoring software, tracking devices, sophisticated management of work. [...] The types, capacities group of qualified job seekers, agility in rapidly responding to changes in the and impacts of automated labour market, and the ability to free up resources for other human resource (HR) technologies are examined. [...] For caution that the tools we create today constitute a surveillance "inertia" example, retailer Whole Foods uses that will shape data collection practices well into the future (Hartzog, data about location of nearby unions, union 2018), and potentially increase the power of technology companies that membership, and local poverty and design the systems that collect and store the data. [...] Much history in the automation of work has shown that to ensure work conditions do not erode, holding employers accountable for the conditions of work and workplaces, regardless of the system of control that created the conditions, is critical to protecting workers and maintaining basic workplace standards. [...] The voluntary Al Safety Standard under development by industry and the Australian Government provides a first step, though more work is needed to ensure appropriate safeguards on the surveillance powers of employers, the transparency of algorithmic management, and requirements for technology providers to monitor and mitigate against bias or other potential harm.


Brigid Xavier

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