cover image: P a c N e t 3 2 P A C I F I C F OR U M · H ON OLU LU , H I M a y 8 , 20 24


P a c N e t 3 2 P A C I F I C F OR U M · H ON OLU LU , H I M a y 8 , 20 24

8 May 2024

Amid China’s rising influence, the Abe administration began exercising closer coordination with the Pacific Islands region LOOKING AHEAD TO THE PALM10: under the 2016 Free and Open Indo-Pacific THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF framework. [...] At the April US-Japan summit President Biden and From trade to bilateral/multilateral diplomacy Prime Minister Kishida shared their view on the necessity of continued engagement with more Indo- Geographically, the Pacific Islands are dispersed and Pacific countries, specifically mentioning the Pacific isolated. [...] As published in the 2050 Strategy for the Blue France and the PICs: France has longstanding ties to Island Continent and formally announced during the the region, and Japan and France’s 2013 cooperation 2022 Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), the need for more roadmap in defense and security can provide options for alternative energy sources and lessened alternative avenues for collaboration. [...] At a critical juncture in the 21st century where global interdependence and a common interest to preserve democracy and a Free and Open Indo- Pacific region, greater collaboration in the areas of economic relations, security, and climate change initiatives between Japan and the Pacific Island Countries is crucial. [...] Japan should continue exercising more global approaches in its diplomatic outlook, engaging with the PICs beyond government-to- government relationships to closely involve major bilateral and multilateral partner nations, local officials, and NGOs to fortify the autonomy of the PICs and pursue regional and global prosperity, peace, and security.


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