cover image: Breaking a deadlock – the genius of Ahtisaari – a peace formula


Breaking a deadlock – the genius of Ahtisaari – a peace formula

16 May 2024

Article 3 Pending the re-integration of the national territory, and without prejudice to the right of the parliament and government established by this constitution to exercise jurisdiction over the whole territory, the laws enacted by the parliament shall have the like areas and extent of application as the laws of Saorstát Éireann [Irish Free State] and the like extra-territorial effect. [...] It states that “in the territory of the members of the Association, these providers may use the public premises established and co-funded by Serbia for the provision of health and education services,” and that “the operation of these networks shall in no way limit or hinder the functioning of the existing Kosovo system of public schools and the Kosovo system of public healthcare.” While Serbia wou. [...] Kosovo’s constitution guarantees the Serb community “public education in one of the official languages of the Republic of Kosovo of their choice at all levels” (Article 59 in the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo). [...] The Government and the Auditor General will conduct a review of the draft budget for compliance with the Association/Community’s objectives and functioning of its bodies as defined by this Statute.” Within one year of the adoption of the Statute, a review of its implementation will be conducted by the Government. [...] The ASM statutes should be agreed on and adopted by a constituent assembly of the association/community in accordance with the Law on Ratification of the First Agreement and the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, then enacted by a legal act of the Government of Kosovo, receiving the power of a Government regulation under the Kosovo legal system upon review by the Constitutional Court.


Kristof Bender

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Bosnia and Herzegovina