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17 May 2024

The rule also comes with a high cost to taxpayers — $147 billion by the department’s own estimates — yet has no offsets to pay for it, making it a clear violation of the Fiscal Responsibility Act’s administrative PAYGO provision. [...] Proceeding with this rule as written would only worsen the existing bias that federal policy has towards the minority of young people who attend college, at the expense of the majority who do not yet will be saddled with the bill. [...] In a previous comment, we applauded the administration’s efforts to expand and improve upon income-driven repayment programs, which we believe are the best mechanisms to help borrowers who are burdened by the debt of pursuing degrees from which they did not ultimately benefit. [...] But we encourage the Department to work with Congress to ensure the costs of canceling this debt are borne by these predatory institutions as much as possible rather than asking taxpayers to foot the bill. [...] We urge the Department to work with lawmakers on developing progressive reforms to the SAVE plan, greater accountability for educational institutions, and other common-sense reforms to control the cost of higher education rather than pursuing more unilateral debt cancellation schemes.


Ben Ritz

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United States of America