Sports Are Great, but Stadium Subsidies Stink


Sports Are Great, but Stadium Subsidies Stink

15 May 2024

Before we begin, a quick apology for Capitolism's delayed delivery this week: The president's (very bad) tariffs have kept me rather busy (and annoyed). I'll handle them next week--don't worry, they're (unfortunately) not going anywhere. Now, on to the show. Anyway, as frequent readers probably know by now, I'm a pretty big sports fan. Certainly not the biggest fan--not like these lunatics, I mean--but still pretty big. When the Texas Rangers finally won the World Series last year, for example, I may or may not have been fighting back tears when I called my dad after the final out. And don't even get Mrs. Capitolism started on my TV viewing habits during various sports seasons (please, don't). So, if there's any economics- minded person out there who might possibly be open to governments subsidizing big, admittedly cool U.S. sports venues, I'm probably your guy.


Scott Lincicome

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