cover image: Rural Perspectives on Forest Protection - Insights and Implications Report May 2024


Rural Perspectives on Forest Protection - Insights and Implications Report May 2024

14 May 2024

Improvements in terms of forest management practices are seen to only be possible with the implementation of more stringent regulations by the national government: • Regulations that apply everywhere in the country and are more transparent: The lack of clarity of the regulations was particularly pointed out in Germany and Czechia. [...] XX F Feerrnn But across the countries surveyed, the national government is not perceived to be living up to expectations National Government The rural communities surveyed have the impression that the national government has failed in its responsibility to take care of the forests up to now, for various reasons: Lack of initiatives and Obsolete rules Lack of education and offload of responsibiliti. [...] The bureaucratic burden not be adapted to is believed to prevent the current reality action and to hinder the any longer (e.g., subsidies application new risks due to process for forest owners the impact of (e.g., overload of climate change) paperwork to ask for and need to be compensation). [...] X Fern Subsidies and capacity building are deemed to be the most efficient solutions for foresters / forest owners to live up to expectations Foresters / Forest Owners Suggested potential solutions for forest owners to improve management: Subsidies, incentives, and grants – The main request from forest owners themselves and from forest-dependent communities to be able to focus more on sustainabili. [...] Fieldwork: 3rd July – 17th August 2023 The primary and expected role of the EU is to provide support, incentives, and develop initiatives within the EU climate framework European Union Provide Subsidies, Grants, and EU Projects and Initiatives Incentives Forest owners believe that the EU should provide subsidies Several respondents highlight the potential for the EU to be and grants to compensate.
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