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16 May 2024

853 Guide Material Appendix G-192-19 Memorandum of understanding between the Department of Transportation and the Department of the Interior regarding outer continental shelf pipelines ...................... [...] The safety standard for gas pipelines and mains, in the majority of the states, was the American National Standard Code for Pressure Piping, Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems, B31.8. [...] Since the sponsoring organization of the ANSI B31.8 Committee was The American Society of Mechanical xiii GPTC GUIDE FOR GAS TRANSMISSION, DISTRIBUTION, AND GATHERING PIPING SYSTEMS: 2022 Edition Engineers (ASME), the ASME initiated discussions with the DOT/OPS, in an effort to establish the future role of the B31.8 Code Committee with respect to pipeline safety. [...] The title of the Guide was revised for the 2015 Edition to "Guide for Gas Transmission, Distribution, and Gathering Piping Systems." FOREWORD The primary purpose of GPTC Z380.1 "Guide for Gas Transmission, Distribution, and Gathering Piping Systems" (Guide) is to provide assistance to the operator in complying with the intent of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in the performance requirements. [...] The format of the Guide includes the title of each numbered section of the Regulations and is followed by the effective date of the latest amendment activity or effective date of the original version if no amendment has been issued.


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