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17 May 2024

Looking back in history, the introduction of legislation enabling the creation of the limited liability company was crucial to transforming England into the ‘workshop of the world’ and enabling the industrial revolution to spread throughout the West. [...] The precise numbers and roles of players will vary depending on the regime and the nature of the activity. [...] Ask yourself: • Who makes up the regulatory space? • How is the regulatory space occupied? • What is the nature of the market? (Continued on next page) 14 | A REGULATORY POLICY TOOLKIT TO IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY SECTION 2: THE REGULATORY CONTEXT (Continued from previous page) • What are the drivers of the need for the review? • When another review, domestically or overseas, dealt with similar issues,. [...] Regardless of the focus of the review, it is important to start from a clear statement of the problem or problems that the regime is trying to address. [...] The Organisation and Regulation of the Public Employment Service and of Private Employment and Temporary Work Agencies - The Experience of Selected European Countries – the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom; 2016.
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