cover image: Belgium: Information for stateless people and those at risk of statelessness fleeing Ukraine


Belgium: Information for stateless people and those at risk of statelessness fleeing Ukraine

10 May 2024

In line with the decision of the Council of the EU, Belgium has extended its temporary protection scheme until 4 March 2025, and beneficiaries of temporary protection can extend their status by visiting their local town hall and renewing their A card from 4 January 2024 (if the new A card cannot be issued before 4 March 2024, an Annex 15 will be issued). [...] Refugee Status Subsidiary Protection Temporary Protection What is it? Protection under 1951 Protection for persons Temporary protection for Convention Relating to the who do not meet the eligible displaced persons Status of Refugees 1951 Convention during mass influx established definition but would be by decision of the EU Council subject to serious risk of harm upon return to their country of or. [...] a ‘blue apply for travel education for children and passport’ obtained from document, but must temporary education for municipality) obtain certificate from adults; transfers of family General Commissioner members to another Member for Refugees and State for reunification; right to Stateless Persons apply for asylum at any time confirming status and impossibility to obtain a passport For more info. [...] Statelessness determination should be conducted either in parallel with or following the refugee status determination, with due regard to the primacy of the asylum claim and the principle of confidentiality for refugees in statelessness determination procedures. [...] In February 2024, a new law was adopted amending the Law on access to the territory, residence, settlement and removal of foreigners to regulate the right of residence of stateless people.


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