European Network on Statelessness


European Network on Statelessness

Type NGO
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Year founded 2012
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Fieldwork, Research
Tags citizenship
Summary ENS is a network of non-governmental organisations, academic initiatives, and individual experts committed to address statelessness in Europe. We believe that all human beings have a right to a nationality and that those who lack nationality altogether – stateless persons – are entitled to full protection of their human rights. We are dedicated to strengthening the often unheard voice of stateless persons in Europe, and to advocate for full respect of their human rights. We aim to reach our goals by conducting and supporting legal and policy development, awareness-raising and capacity building activities.

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ENS · 16 September 2022 English

The size and structure of stateless population in Poland Difficulties in assessing the number of stateless persons The size of stateless population in Poland is only partly recorded as in …

ENS · 16 September 2022 English

For more information on the location of border crossings and entry requirements, see: Polish Government page for people fleeing Ukraine, UNHCR Operational Data Portal on Poland, UNHCR page on Poland …

ENS · 14 September 2022 German

Auch wenn die Einreise nach Österreich im Allgemeinen für alle Flüchtlinge aus der Ukraine gestattet ist, gibt es für staatenlose Personen, Personen in Gefahr der Staatenlosigkeit und Personen ohne Dokumente, …

ENS · 14 September 2022 Czech

května 2022 Tento stručný přehled poskytuje informace o situaci v jednotlivých zemích pro osoby bez státní příslušnosti a pro ty, jež prchají z Ukrajiny a hrozí jim ztráta státní příslušnosti. …

ENS · 14 September 2022 English

The European Commission confirms that a lack of travel documents or medical documents (certificate of vaccination, COVID-19 test) should not be an obstacle to entering the EU throughout the Ukraine …

ENS · 17 August 2022 English

ROUTES TO INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION Stateless persons, persons at risk of statelessness and undocumented persons can apply for protection in Romania even if they are undocumented. [...] Refugee status & Temporary …

ENS · 15 August 2022 English

For more information on entry requirements, reception and assistance, see the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration’s page on Information for displaced persons from Ukraine, and the Information Guide …

ENS · 14 July 2022 English

This disparity is not in line with the Advocacy Briefing: Palestinians and the search for protection as refugees and stateless persons in Europe object and purpose of the 1951 Convention, …

ENS · 14 July 2022 English

Hungary recommended that Switzerland “formalize the statelessness determination procedure and ensure the procedure is fair, effective and accessible to all persons in Switzerland regardless of their legal status; ensure that …

ENS · 14 July 2022 English

The Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU), the European Network on Statelessness (ENS) and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) make this joint submission to the Universal Periodic Review …

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