cover image: Portugal: Information for stateless people and those at risk of statelessness fleeing Ukraine


Portugal: Information for stateless people and those at risk of statelessness fleeing Ukraine

22 May 2024

People who apply for international protection at national airports are systematically detained in airport detention centres and airport transit zones for the duration of the admissibility stage/accelerated procedure • Unaccompanied children: entry is permitted; border police must be informed to refer the child to competent child protection authorities; people caring for a child that is not accompa. [...] These routes to protection are summarised in the table below: Refugee Status Subsidiary Protection Temporary Protection What is it? Protection under the 1951 Subsidiary protection, as Temporary protection for Geneva Convention implemented by eligible persons fleeing the Relating to the Status of Portuguese national law, war in Ukraine Refugees, as implemented for persons who are not by Portuguese. [...] Statelessness determination should be conducted either in parallel with or following the refugee status determination, with due regard to the primacy of the asylum claim and the principle of confidentiality for refugees in statelessness determination procedures. [...] The law does not provide for a specific status nor any rights to be granted to stateless people on the basis of their statelessness, but healthcare is provided to everyone regardless of their residence or documentation status (subject to low fees), and education is provided for children. [...] Portugal adopted a law in August 2023 that introduces the definition of a stateless person and recognises that persons who are considered stateless according to the 1954 Convention are entitled to a travel document and statelessness status, but further legislation must be approved to establish an SDP, safeguards for applicants, the rights granted upon recognition of statelessness status, and the a.


Layan Choufani

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