cover image: Partnerships for Life European Region Summary Report


Partnerships for Life European Region Summary Report

23 May 2024

Instead, effectiveness is shown by: 14 • The spread of commitment to suicide prevention in society and politics (range), the increase of information materials and their demand, participation in the World Day of Suicide Prevention etc., the increasing consideration of the to. [...] To implement the project prevention of suicide joint order of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Internal Affairs “On the Staged Implementation of The Project for the Prevention of Suicide Among Minors in Kazakhstan” was issued in February 2015. [...] The national helpline and centre of expertise, 113 suicide prevention, coordinates and monitors the activities of the national strategy and reports progress and results to ministries and parliament. [...] In the planning of the current national strategy, researchers and other stakeholders were less systematically involved in discussions regarding both the topics and content of the plan as well as the establishment of the zero-suicide vision. [...] Coordination of activities for the prevention of suicidal behaviour specified in the NHP, including the possibility of establishing and running the Office for the Prevention of Suicidal Behaviour by Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology (IPiN) in Warsaw.


Daniel A Sanchez Morales

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