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Hardship and Child Welfare Involvement

21 May 2024

Although the relationship between economic hardship and child welfare system involvement seems straightforward, it is far more complicated. Our study, which was commissioned by New York City's Administration for Children's Services (ACS), examines this relationship between hardship and child welfare system involvement.
children and youth data analysis child welfare new york families center on labor, human services, and population neighborhoods, cities, and metros economic well-being qualitative data analysis economic mobility and inequality families with low incomes quantitative data analysis welfare and safety net programs new york-newark-jersey city, ny-nj-pa child maltreatment and prevention


Bridgette Lery, Laura Packard Tucker, Jonah Norwitt, Annabel Stattelman Scanlan, Fred Wulczyn, Xiaomeng Zhou, Jamie McClanahan, Scott Huhr, LaShaun Brooks

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United States of America

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