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Digital Economy Diagnostic - Equatorial Guinea (English)

17 May 2024

This report provides an assessment of Equatorial Guinea's digital economy, as part ofthe World Bank's Digital Economy for Africa (DE4A) initiative. Prepared to support theimplementation of the Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa, approved by the AfricanUnion in February 2020, the World Bank's DE4A Initiative aims to help drive Africa's digitaltransformation and sets out a bold vision to ensure that every African individual, businessand government is digitally enabled by 2030. The initiative leverages an integrated andfoundation-based diagnostic framework to examine the development of the digital economy across Africa. Based on this framework, this assessment provides a comprehensiveoverview of the five DE4A foundational elements in Equatorial Guinea: digital infrastructure, digital public platforms, digital financial services, digital businesses and digital skills.
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Digital Economy Diagnostic - Equatorial Guinea
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