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9 May 2024

These schools collectively have reading environmental tech, IT support, and programming and web and math scores and graduation rates similar to those of the com- development to the trades (e.g., electrical, carpentry, HVAC, prehensive high schools in the state.1 They are significant contribu- plumbing), advanced manufacturing, and robotics and automa- tors to the consistently high performance of M. [...] career preparation opportunities? In response, a growing career pathways movement has developed with CTE at the center but Growth and Modernization of CTE with a broader focus and reach: to enable all students to graduate Over the past century—from the 1917 enactment of the Smith- high school “college and career ready.” Hughes Act to the 2006 passage and 2018 reauthorization of the Carl D. [...] The benefit is that a and “figure it out” to encourage single pathway advisory committee that speaks to secondary and deeper learning and to develop postsecondary program leaders helps ensure a more unified career critical employability skills pathway to better meet the needs of students and employers.20 Through such advisory committees, educators and employers have one conversation and therefore. [...] In the CTE setting, necessary academic, technical, and employability skills to enter, this would involve a combination of (1) reviewing with the teacher compete, and advance in their education and career in a global how previous learning can be applied in the training situation economy.”4 CTE tries to achieve this by combining regular course- and (2) discussing with the workplace mentor the releva. [...] It is also the case that in a CTE think of this as the assistant looking over your shoulder.18 While in setting, one would expect the mentor to understand the needs of the the traditional workplace learning situation, a manager or coach CTE student as a novice employee better than a traditional senior could provide guided practice, in a CTE setting this is part of the employee.
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