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Court File Nos. T-402-19/T-141-20/T-1120-21

24 May 2024

Information available for the claimant on 20 the ISC database allows the administrator to make an 21 eligibility decision." 22 So first, when we're talking about ISC 23 database, is it fair to say that we're using the 24 definition in the claims process and not necessarily the 25 definition that you set out in your affidavit which is NETWORK REPORTING & MEDIATION (416) 359-0305 May 15, 2024 Dianne. [...] 8 Where the removal and placement were funded by ISC, 9 Canada will provide the ISC database to the 10 administrator to be used exclusively and relied upon by 11 the administrator for the purpose of administrating the 12 claims process. [...] You provided no example of anyone 16 who's not on the ISC database and the witness has 17 already answered that the database is incomplete and it 18 is the -- it is the expectation -- sorry. [...] I -- I assume the region's 10 still -- they're working as a team and making sure that 11 by the end of this, and their goal is the end of 2025, 12 that all the records they have are going to be shared 13 with the administrator and it will be a part of this 14 database. [...] So this Schedule I 10 has been approved by the Court so we will be 11 implementing it and working with the parties prior to 12 the claims process, it will be communicated to the First 13 Nations across Canada and regional offices, et cetera, 14 of what the more details are about the supports.



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