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#4 - Page 1 Q1 Name of organisation Q2 Your name

21 May 2024

The solution to the housing crisis is, of course, many hundreds of thousands more affordable dwellings for low- and middle-income earners (especially those who are vulnerable to homelessness and housing stress). [...] While there is a significant need to increase the social housing stock across Australia, it is also important to reiterate that for a group of people – who have experiences of chronic and repeat homelessness and face vulnerabilities and intergenerational disadvantage – longer term support alongside appropriate housing is needed to help them exit homelessness Sections below discuss these in more de. [...] 2013); better access to support services for tenants and reduced transit time for caregivers, who can provide treatment to multiple tenants at the same location (Kertesz and Johnson 201718; and cost effectiveness of delivering tenancy management, repairs and maintenance and support services at a single site, in contrast to service providers needing to factor in resources for transport (Verdouw and. [...] The support integrated with the housing also needs to be tailored to the person’s circumstances to ensure they can break the cycle of homelessness. [...] Section 3 below shines a light on groups and individuals who face significant vulnerabilities and outlines solutions – tailored services – that are often overlooked as part of the broader housing and homelessness funding allocations and discourse There are vulnerable communities and over-represented groups in the homelessness services system Solution: In addition to expanding the supply of fully f.
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