cover image: Adopted 22 March 2024


Adopted 22 March 2024

24 May 2024

2.5 If a person is selected under the Selection Process or in accordance with clause 2.4.1: 2.5.1 the board or other governing body of the Traditional Owner Group must: a) advise the Assembly of the details of the person selected in writing; and b) give the Assembly a consent to be a member of the Assembly signed by the person, in a form required by the Council; and 2.5.2 in the case of a person s. [...] 2.6 Where the Traditional Owner Group is in external control by a third party (such as an administrator) and a Reserved Member is to be selected: 2.6.1 the members of the Traditional Owner Group must select the person to be the Reserved Member under the Appointment Rules; and 2.6.2 a person authorised by the members of the Traditional Owner Group must advise the Assembly of the details of the pers. [...] 9.5 Before the Council recommends imposing a sanction on a Member or the removal of a Member from membership, the Council must notify the Member in writing that: 9.5.1 the Council is considering making such a recommendation to the Assembly Chamber because of acts or omissions of the Member, which the Council must specify in the notice; and 9.5.2 the Member can provide the Council with a written ex. [...] 20.10 A vote given under the terms of a proxy document is valid despite: 20.10.1 the previous death or unsoundness of mind of the Member; or 20.10.2 the revocation of the proxy or of the authority under which the proxy document was executed, unless the notice in writing has been received at the Office before the Assembly Chamber or adjourned Assembly Chamber. [...] 45.2.1 If the Assembly Chamber approves the proposal, the Council must promptly establish the Elders' Voice on terms that are identical or substantially similar to the terms approved by the Assembly Chamber; or 45.2.2 If the Assembly Chamber does not approve the proposal, the Council must: a) consult further with Members with the aim of preparing a new proposal about the Elders' Voice which takes.
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