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Advancing Cloud and Data Infrastructure Markets (English)

28 May 2024

There has been unprecedented growth in the exchange of data and information globally, opening incredible opportunities to deploy data for sustainable development. However, to maximize its value for development, this exchange needs to be supported by robust and technologically advanced infrastructure. Cloud and data infrastructure provides a solid foundation to seamlessly support the world's data traffic for a full benefit to economies and societies. Most data centers are in high-income economies, and their expansion is primarily concentrated in upper-middle-income economies. Data center capacity in many leading markets often eclipses the capacity available in the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region. Increased investment in data centers in low-income economies is critical to expanding those economies' digital potential and narrowing the digital divide. This report analyzes the key drivers of cloud and data infrastructure growth in emerging markets. It examines the business models, policies, and regulatory environments shaping the market trends as data from firms and markets migrate to the cloud. It also explores the challenges that low-and middle-income economies face in attracting investments in data centers and the cloud.
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Gelvanovska-Garcia,Natalija, Mačiulė, Vaiva, Rossotto,Carlo Maria

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Advancing Cloud and Data Infrastructure Markets
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