Sylloge on China - 30 April 2024


Sylloge on China - 30 April 2024

17 May 2024

This is the plain fact, as evidenced by the Philippines’ media reports, statements of officials in the previous administration and how China and the Philippines handled the Ren’ai Jiao issue. [...] The draft of the amended law will clarify the regulatory system for nuclear power and promote research and development and the competitiveness of China's domestic industry, Xinhua said. [...] Yesterday, the head of the Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a preview to the media. [...] Military experts said the Chinese navy will keep developing and getting more powerful in the future to meet the demand of safeguarding the nation and world peace. [...] The combination of the Chang'e-6 lunar probe and the Long March-5 Y8 carrier rocket was transferred vertically on Saturday to the launching area at the Wenchang Space Launch Centre in south China's Hainan Province, the CNSA said.



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