Weekly PoK News Digest, Vol 4 Issue 21, 20 MAY - 26 MAY 2024


Weekly PoK News Digest, Vol 4 Issue 21, 20 MAY - 26 MAY 2024

28 May 2024

The court international support for the rights of approved the remand of the accused the people of Indian Illegally Occupied and instructed the FIA to produce the Jammu and Kashmir. [...] underscores the importance of local Additionally, the commercial authorities playing a central role in requirements specify that applicants governing the region’s resources to must have at least three years of ensure that their management aligns experience in the hospitality industry with the needs and aspirations of the before the submission of their people living in GB. [...] The recommendations of the proposed various options by indexing IMC were presented before the 21st the baseline amount upwards on the meeting of the PSC for Dasu HPP, held basis of inflation, increase in GDP per on 14 May 2024, which endorsed the capita (PPP) and the nominal GDP same. [...] In light of the approval of the ECC for;(i)the selection recommendations of the IMC, the ECC of appropriate option as of the cabinet on 21 January 2022, compensation/goodwill package to the approved payment of US$ 11.6 million families of the affected Chinese to the families of the affected Chinese nationals;(ii) the approved amount nationals. [...] and (iii)the amount approved may be transferred to the account of Pakistan’s In pursuance of the decision of the PSC, Embassy in Beijing China, for onward an IMC was constituted on 9 May 2024, payment to the families of the under the Convenorship of Secretary deceased Chinese nationals through MoWR and comprising secretaries of appropriate channel.



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