cover image: A principles-based approach to cyber capacity-building (CCB)


A principles-based approach to cyber capacity-building (CCB)

25 Jun 2024

Cyber capacity-building (CCB) enables states to stay abreast of technological advancements and safeguard critical infrastructure against evolving cyberthreats. Adopting a principles-based approach to CCB can enhance efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration through the standardization of practices and the promotion of responsible state behaviour in these endeavours. In 2021, under the UN Open-ended Working Group on security of and in the use of information and communications technologies (hereafter, OEWG), UN member states agreed to 10 capacity-building principles to guide CCB activities. The principles have the potential to maximize the efficient and responsible deployment of CCB activities, and standardize them. However, effective operationalization of the CCB principles depends on implementers having a clear and thorough understanding of what they mean. Recognizing the foundational and enabling nature of CCB, OEWG stakeholders (both state and non-state) have called for greater comprehension and integration of the principles as a way of facilitating responsible state behaviour in cyberspace. While this paper focuses on the OEWG’s CCB principles, it is intended to support broader efforts aimed at adopting a principles-based approach to CCB. Effective CCB requires the proactive engagement of a range of actors, not just states, to ensure that principles are applied appropriately and adapted to the rapidly evolving cyber landscape.
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Joyce Hakmeh, Amrit Swali, Robert Collett

Published in
United Kingdom

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