Chatham House

Chatham House

Type NGO
Year founded 1920
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Individual citizens, Member funded
Tags international affairs
Summary The Institute, formerly called The Royal Institute of International Affairs, was renamed Chatham House in September 2004. It is a think tank and membership organization for individuals, corporations, governments, and NGOs and is precluded by its charter from expressing any institutional view or policy on any aspect of international affairs. The main aims of the Institute are to (1) stimulate research in political, business, security and other key issues in the international arena; (2) foster dialogue; and (3) influence policymakers.

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Chatham House · 28 July 2022

Academic and policy analysts are sharply divided over the strength and durability of representative democracy in South Korea. Institutionally, the Republic of Korea (ROK) possesses structural features that should, in …

Chatham House · 28 July 2022

Most Nigerians think it is unacceptable for a citizen to exchange their vote for money or a gift. The second household survey by the Chatham House Africa Programme’s Social Norms …

Chatham House · 14 July 2022

Russia’s war on Ukraine has reignited debate on Russia’s military capabilities and the way in which Russia intends – or hopes – to use them. But new questions over the …

Chatham House · 12 July 2022

The past 12 months have seen new levels of instability injected into international affairs. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the continued fracturing of the international system and Russia’s war …

Chatham House · 24 June 2022

Build Back Better World (B3W) was announced at the G7 Leaders’ Summit in June 2021 as an infrastructure-led strategic initiative by Western powers to support the recovery and build the …

Chatham House · 16 June 2022

The rise of China is one of the greatest challenges for the transatlantic relationship. European countries and the US have similar concerns regarding China, but fundamental obstacles prevent them from …

Chatham House · 15 June 2022

Unsustainable use of the earth’s resources is a primary driver of the triple threat of pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change. The 100 billion tonnes of natural resources extracted and …

Chatham House · 6 June 2022

In recent years, China has expanded its overseas humanitarian action to assist refugees, including through increased funding to UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral diplomatic engagement, and growth in the overseas …

Chatham House · 6 June 2022

Although Russia does not have a defined common approach to the polar regions, its postures in the Arctic and in Antarctica overlap. They are securitized and increasingly militarized, with direct …

Chatham House · 24 May 2022

There is significant and growing recognition of the need to transform food systems to reduce their environmental impact. This has increased attention on the need for agriculture to become more …

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