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Kisumu County - Crime and Violence Rapid Assessment

24 Apr 2020

Across the globe, high rates of crime and violence are undermining growth, threatening human welfare, and impeding social development, with the poor and vulnerable particularly affected. Kenya has experienced an increased incidence of crime and violence in the recent past, greatly affecting its growth and development. Kisumu is a small county bordering Lake Victoria in western Kenya, and is the main commercial and transport hub of western Kenya and the East African region. Kisumu County is an important focus given its high population and high rates of gang-related crime, and it is an ideal choice for training in urban crime and violence prevention. A rapid assessment was carried out in Kisumu County, Kenya in January 2019 under the crime and violence prevention training (CVPT) project of the Kenya accountable devolution program. The assessment explored the dynamics of crime and violence, risk and protective factors, and potential for their prevention. County assessments now precede training courses to contextualize the training curriculum and provide common ground for discussion and learning.
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