cover image: Water vision to action : catalyzing change through the IUCN Water & Nature Initiative : results report


Water vision to action : catalyzing change through the IUCN Water & Nature Initiative : results report


IUCN published the Water and Nature – Vision and The Ministerial Declaration of The Hague, marking the 2nd Framework for Action as the environmental component of World Water Forum, emphasized the need to guarantee safe the World Water Vision. [...] These were used in the goals of the Initiative and coordination of implementation, the selection, development and implementation of WANI projects report provides an overview of the results achieved to date. [...] The of government and NGOs, regional actors, academics and Provincial People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue province community groups, results demonstrated the importance of adopted environmental flows into planning and management flood regimes for the high productivity of the floodplain and of the Huong Basin and its Tam Giang-Cau Hai lagoon. [...] Increased awareness and broad participation Management and Ministry of Natural Resources and led to the convening of a basin dialogue that called for joint Environment included environmental flows in the “Towards planning and management of water resources development the Year 2020” National Water Resources Strategy, published by the four provinces in the basin. [...] As a of the Ministry of Water, WANI is co-investing in the Wami first step in the project, therefore, WANI facilitated a basin Ruvu Basin and using the consensus-building approaches situation analysis, completed in 2003, which highlighted the piloted in Pangani to set up Water User Associations state of water resources and ecosystem services in the basin.
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Smith, Mark, Cartin, Megan

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Environmental management - natural resources
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Gland, CH : IUCN, 2011
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viii, 55p. : ill., maps
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IUCN, Water and Nature Initiative (WANI)

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