cover image: SAHARA Conference Report_Gallagher Estate_Midrand 30 Nov-3 Dec



SAHARA Conference Report_Gallagher Estate_Midrand 30 Nov-3 Dec

14 Dec 2009

The conference’s wide theme drew the active participation of researchers and people living with HIV and AIDS, who presented a host of poster presentations, papers and talks, tackling diverse aspects of the pandemic such as HIV surveillance, drivers of the epidemic, prevention, treatment, care and support, and translating evidence. [...] The topics of the workshops were the following: • Linking sexual reproductive health (SRH) with HIV/AIDS services • Implementing behavioural HIV prevention interventions • Developing an evidence base on the vulnerabilities of MSM and Gays in ES • Policy dialogue and community engagement DAY 2 Tuesday 1/12/2009 Opening ceremony and World AIDS Day Commemoration The 5th SAHARA Conference was official. [...] Drivers of the epidemic The following were the discussions on “drivers of the epidemic” that were attended by Idasa staff: 1. [...] Osano) The discussions on drivers of the epidemic were insightful, as pertinent issues, some of which were somewhat controversial, such as providing drug users with needles, in order to mitigate the spread of HIV; examining the perceptions of sugar mommy practices, instead of always focussing of older men having sex with young girls in dealing with the pandemic, especially in MCP studies; and look. [...] Studies on the plight of migrants in South Africa, for example, the role of both national and local government in providing health and other services to migrants living with HIV and AIDS, and migrants rights and access to public services.
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