cover image: Budget Brief No.152 - HIV and AIDS Allocations in Budget 2–



Budget Brief No.152 - HIV and AIDS Allocations in Budget 2–

25 Feb 2005

In Budget 2005, the National Department of Health (NDOH) has been allocated a total of R5.6 billion for the medium term which accounts for 85% of the total budget for the multi-sectoral response. [...] 4 The more exciting news in Budget 2005 is a massively increased budget for the social development department’s HIV and AIDS Subprogramme which caters for the provision of support and care services to individuals and households infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. [...] Such increased allocations are in line with the fact that “the social development Community and Home-Based Care Services (CHBCS) conditional grant improved spending from 35.6% in 2000/1 to 95% in 2003/4”.6 Out of the Subprogramme total for the medium term, the CHBCS grant receives a 73% share for provinces and the remainder is allocated to the national department for Administration, Coordinated Ac. [...] This subprogramme “develops and monitors prevention and other HIV and AIDS-related services targeted at women and youth.”7 It is due to the CHBCS grant and Youth and Gender allocations that the social development HIV and AIDS budget has quickly increased. [...] The increase in the social development’s budget for HIV and AIDS is a welcomed and expected response from National Treasury.
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Port Elizabeth, South Africa