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Violation of the GPA Action taken in relation to the relevant article is on average: In the direction of compliance with the GPA Shows no conclusive action towards compliance with or contravention of the GPA In contravention of the principles laid out in the GPA Please Click Here to download the Global Political Agreement (GPA) against which this analysis is drawn. [...] But I would have to say there has been a little progress and I emphasize little.” (20 July) From an MDC statement on a meeting of the top leaders of the three ruling parties: “This is a ground-breaking meeting in the history of Zimbabwe as the three executive bodies of the MDC, ZANU PF and Professor Arthur Mutambara’s party meet to hold a crucial indaba on how to deal with political violence and i. [...] However, the MDC-M, in consultation with the MDC-T, Zapu and the Matabeleland Freedom Party, have agreed to send a written proposal with the views of Zimbabweans in South Africa. [...] A German government spokeswoman said that the country is not going to cut off aid to Zimbabwe over the occupation of the agricultural property of a German national in Zimbabwe, but will keep up diplomatic pressure for Harare to reverse the recent seizure of the farm in question. [...] Mugabe publicly condemned homosexuality in his address to pilgrims in the Manicaland province district of Marange, stating: “We say no to gays! We will not listen to those advocating the inclusion of their rights in the constitution.” MEDIA The Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) barred journalists from reporting on official proceedings of the outreach program due to fears that news rep.

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