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28 Feb 2011

The central bank is also expected to intervene in the exchange rate market to counter the appreciation of the rand through the purchase of foreign currency flowing from the foreign direct investment and portfolio investment. [...] 1.4 Budget as a redistributive tool The redistributive function of the government ensures the transfer of the wealth generated by the rich elite to the poor majority in the economy. [...] For instance figures from the first quarter of 2010 show some interesting findings on the general reduction in wage share in the economy and the skewness of unemployment especially among the youths and women. [...] These figures include the conditional grants which are allocated to the provinces through the Department of Education (Life Skills), Department of Health (comprehensive HIV and AIDS) and social development (social grant) and the HIV and AIDS allocation for the national health department. [...] 6.4 Welfare Services Policy Development and Implementation Support HIV and AIDS programme in the social development department develops, supports and monitors the implementation of policies, programmes and guidelines to prevent and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS, in line with the 2007-2011 national strategic plan.
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