Gauteng Council of Churches -  - Reconciliation Initiative
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Gauteng Council of Churches - - Reconciliation Initiative



These include: • The development of a new working definition of reconciliation to be used by church leaders to carry the initiative forward • An initial set of plans for carrying forward the initiative in Gauteng • The formation of 8 Task teams to further develop and help roll out the plan • The creation of a coordinating team to lead on-going efforts • A signed pledge capturing the commitment of. [...] The devastating consequences of exclusion in the second great European war of the 20th century resulted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the values and principles of which provided an impetus for the claim to be people and to be human. [...] Albie Sachs writes of “the right to be a people, to be South African in the full sense of the word, to constitute a nation, to overcome the divisions and inferiorisation imposed by racism, tribalism, and regionalism, and to participate as a people in the life of the community of nations.” The Freedom Charter, that great message whose beneficence continues to inspire our discourse about power today. [...] For most, the persistent inclusiveness of the constitution and thence of government, the fairness which derives from the re-discovery of the rule of law, the straightforwardness with which, despite some complaints (a number of which appear to be driven not by unfairness but rather from suddenly discovering the loss of privilege and exemption), the law is administered, and the continued good life h. [...] With this in mind, our convocation seeks to support those churches that have taken initiatives to come together across racial boundaries and urges those Christian communities that have not begun this process to give urgent consideration to the matter in faithfulness to our Lord’s call to the Oneness of the Church and as witness to the reconciliation power of the Gospel.