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16 Apr 2003

The existence of deep ethnic and religious divisions among people and the opportunistic exploitation of differences make the situation in northern and southern Plateau important in the analysis of election violence. [...] The two contending parties in the Wase crisis are the Hausa/Fulani communities on the one hand and the Tarok community domiciled in Wase and Kanam local governments on the other. [...] The context of violence Struggle for local power: There is a sense in which many other nationalities in Wase feel alienated by the monopoly of traditional institutions by the Hausa/Fulani who as a part of the expansion of the caliphate in the course of the 19th century jihad established an emirate in Wase in 1826. [...] The demand of these groups for chieftaincy institutions and representation in the emirate ruling structures and the opposition of the Hausa/Fulani to such moves was one of the immediate causes of the conflict which broke out on 28th June, 2002. [...] Key functionaries in the government of Plateau State, especially Governor Joshua Dariye and the Secretary to the State government, Ezekiel Gomos, have repeatedly appealed to the people of the area to embrace dialogue and reconciliation as precondition for peace in the area.
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Port Elizabeth, South Africa