cover image: National Climate Change Response Green Paper 2010 - EGP _Feb2011_



National Climate Change Response Green Paper 2010 - EGP _Feb2011_

22 Feb 2011

However, this process would be enhanced by a somewhat formalised structure, with clarity about the scope and responsibilities of the IMC, the frequency of its meetings and the objectives of the same, as well as periodic updates on the results of deliberations outside of these meetings. [...] While recognising that energy policy in South 6 Africa remains the responsibility of the Department of Energy, we do wish to emphasise the urgent need for better systems of coordination between key actors in the energy sector, including the Department of Public Enterprises and National Treasury. [...] We have noted in particular the urgent need for more rigorous and detailed exploration of the opportunities to reduce electricity consumption and improve energy efficiency, and the need for appropriate institutional and regulatory frameworks to support the realisation of such opportunities, including in the context of developing the Integrated Resource Plan for the electricity sector. [...] Four such reasons include the water-intensity of some versions of the technology; the significant reduction in output of air-cooled versions and, hence, the need for larger quantities of coal; the lack of reliable 9 experience in treatment and storage of the carbon emissions removed through use of these technologies; and the rising global demand and market price for coal exports, with the knock-on. [...] Again, rather than the proposed approach of ‘promotion’ of a range of otherwise welcome guidelines, codes and practices, it is suggested that a more appropriate approach given the seriousness of the anticipated failure to respond effectively and timeously, would be to require the Department of Environment Affairs’ active leadership, together with the active collaboration and cooperation of all oth.
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Port Elizabeth, South Africa