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MENA and public consultations

1 Jun 2013

The integration of consultation mechanisms throughout the policymaking process has proved to be a valuable instrument to help strengthen government-citizen interaction and improve the quality of government policies on key development areas by leading to better designed development projects, more effective service delivery, and improvements in the targeting of benefits. By making preliminary policy analysis available for public scrutiny, stakeholders are provided with a means to inform the development of a policy or its implementation. Consultation also helps regulators to balance opposing interests and to identify unintended effects while ensuring transparency to minimize administrative burdens and reduce corruption and rent-seeking. When successful, public participation can have a transformative impact by providing citizens with a platform for active engagement in the development process, and allows citizens to hold governments to account and to better influence decisions that affect their lives. While the benefits of public consultation are widely recognized, the MENA region still lags in the domain of public engagement, especially in regards to providing citizens with mechanisms to engage effectively in the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policy.
rule of law human rights public policy civil society indigenous people indigenous peoples trade union professional association public consultation public hearing free speech public good citizen engagement legal framework focus group public engagement participatory planning codes of practice intrinsic value eligibility criterion feedback mechanism government effort consultation process enhancing transparency sustainable outcomes active engagement consultation mechanism public confidence implementation of reform principle of consultation basic pillar draft law equal representation assessment procedure government function engaging citizens government performance effective approach fight corruption social dynamic multilateral initiative public level draft legislation government decision-making public view legal force political analysis public scrutiny unintended effect commitment from governments democratic participation public consensus polls and surveys petition right civic service


Bteddini, Lida

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MENA and public consultations
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