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21 December 2020


civil discourse But there is a relatively simple and powerful way to begin the healing and at the same time prepare the next generation of leaders for and transform the rigorous demands of a constantly changing economy and society. [...] Strobe Talbott tells that story from the vantage point of the Age of Trump, bringing out the stark contrast between the forty-fifth president and the first six, who were progeny of the Age of Reason. [...] The increased importance of primaries and the overwhelming need to raise money have diminished the importance of “balance” on the ticket and increased the importance of “partnership”—selecting a partner who can help the president govern. [...] SPRING-FALL 2020 21 BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS October 2020, 6 x 9, 326 pp paper, 9780815737957, $39.99 ebook, 9780815737964, $31.99 Executive Policymaking THE ROLE OF THE OMB IN THE PRESIDENCY Meena Bose and Andrew Rudalevige A deep look into The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is one of the federal government’s most important and powerful agencies, but also one of the agency that the leas. [...] The authors articulate a vision that is both self-interested and carefully tailored to the unique dynamics of the increasingly divergent subregions in the Middle East, including North Africa, the Sunni Arab bloc of Egypt and the Persian Gulf states, and the increasingly chaotic Levant.