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25 March 2021


Do you prepare an Annual Procurement Plan for Common-Use Supplies and Equipment (APP-CSE) and Procure your Common-Use Supplies and Equipment from the Procurement Service? (5b) โœ“ Agency prepares APP-CSE using prescribed format โœ“ Submission of the APP-CSE within the period prescribed by the Department of Budget and Management in its Guidelines for the Preparation of Annual Budget Execution Plans iss. [...] In the conduct of procurement activities using Limited Source Bidding (LSB), which of these conditions is/are met? (2f) n/a Upon recommendation by the BAC, the HOPE issues a Certification resorting to LSB as the proper modality n/a Preparation and Issuance of a List of Pre-Selected Suppliers/Consultants by the PE or an identified relevant government authority n/a Transmittal of the Pre-Selected Li. [...] In evaluating the performance of your procurement personnel, which of these conditions is/are present? (10a) โœ“ Personnel roles, duties and responsibilities involving procurement are included in their individual performance commitment/s โœ“ Procuring entity communicates standards of evaluation to procurement personnel โœ“ Procuring entity and procurement personnel acts on the results and takes correspo. [...] Which of the following is/are practised in order to ensure the private sector access to the procurement opportunities of the procuring entity? (10c) Forum, dialogues, meetings and the like (apart from pre-bid conferences) are conducted for all prospective bidders at least once a year โœ“ The PE promptly responds to all interested prospective bidders' inquiries and concerns, with available facilities. [...] In determining whether the Procuring Entity has an efficient procurement complaints system and has the capacity to comply with procedural requirements, which of conditions is/are present? (15a) โœ“ The HOPE resolved Protests within seven (7) calendar days per Section 55 of the IRR โœ“ The BAC resolved Requests for Reconsideration within seven (7) calendar days per Section 55 of the IRR โœ“ Procuring ent.



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