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Epidemiology of Substance Use among Forced Migrants: A Global Systematic Review

7 July 2016


Forced migration and substance use Alcohol and illicit drug use are important causes of morbidity and mortality, accounting for 6.5% of total disability-adjusted life-years and five million deaths globally in 2010 [22]. [...] A recent systematic review examining the impacts of racial discrimination on health among children and young people found positive relationships in 60% of articles examining alcohol use as an outcome and 49% of articles examining drug use as an outcome [49]. [...] Relevant findings considered included: prevalence or frequency of use, preva- lence of hazardous/harmful use or dependence (including self-reported), analysis of factors associated with substance use, substance use service provision, demand or utilisation, lived experiences of forced migrants who use substances, exposure to substance use, and engagement in the production or sales of alcohol or ill. [...] Rapid assessments of substance use and – Kenya: Alcohol production and use widespread. [...] availability of substances, maladaptive coping strategies and limited access to drug and alcohol information and services.


Center for Comparative Immigration Studies