REPUBLIC OF NIGER Niger Electricity Utility (NIGELEC)


REPUBLIC OF NIGER Niger Electricity Utility (NIGELEC)

14 Mar 2021

Implementation of the material measures and actions set out in this ESCP will be monitored and reported to the Association by The Republic of Niger as required by the ESCP and the conditions of the legal agreement, and the Association will monitor and assess progress and completion of the material measures and actions throughout implementation of the Project. [...] When the performance of the Project or unforeseen situations have occurred within the framework of the Project lead to the change of risks and impacts during the implementation of the Project, the Republic of Niger will make additional funds available, if necessary for the implementation of actions and measures to address these risks and effects which may include environmental, health and safety e. [...] implementation of the ESCP, the level of preparation and implementation of the environmental and social documents required under the ESCP, the status of the implementation of the SEA/SH risk mitigation measures, stakeholder engagement activities and the functioning of the grievance mechanism and status of complaints resolution (including SEA/SH case management), and security risk management and im. [...] Carry out an environmental and social assessment to identify and assess the environmental and social risks and impacts of the Project and the The final versions of the ESMF, ESIA, RFP, and appropriate mitigation measures. [...] The Recipient shall ensure that Project contractors develop and implement measures and actions as required in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) to assess and manage specific risks and impacts to the community arising from the implementation of the Project activities, including those relating to the presence of Project Workers and any risks of labor influx.


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