cover image: CODESRIA Bulletin, Nos 2 & 3, 2021 - Special Issue: Pan Africanism and the Emancipatory Project for



CODESRIA Bulletin, Nos 2 & 3, 2021 - Special Issue: Pan Africanism and the Emancipatory Project for

14 Jun 2021

This has been and Kate Williams sum up the being echoed from all parts of the the lesson in the Pan-African future of Pan Africanism in the CODESRIA Bulletin, Nos 2&3, 2021 Page 8 digital era in their contribution to force and coercion, which description of the activities of the this Bulletin of CODESRIA. [...] The apartheid government migration as a problem, especially of South Africa was one of the the origins of this view in European It has been more than twenty years signatories of the UDHR but it was modernity, and its links to African since biological anthropologists the global anti-apartheid struggles enslavement, the pseudo-science of traversed the African towns and that forced the South African. [...] The the pandemic of police killings in respond to the new Biden-Harris images of the deaths of Africans in the United States intensify with the Administration in the United States the Mediterranean Sea have been graphic lynching of George Floyd and two perspective of the strug- some of the most dehumanising for in Minnesota. [...] Federation of states or the These ‘federalists’ have mobil- Michael West’s article on the Pan- unification of peoples ised the text of Cheikh Anta Diop, African contributions of Walter Black Africa: The Basis For A Fed- Rodney brings the question of Af- The book by Kwame Nkrumah that erated State (1987), to promote a rican revolution to the centre of the came out of his plea for the Unifi- Pan Afr. [...] The spread of capital- of African migration as a problem, include the association of people ism generated new forms of labour their origins in European moder- with distinct spaces, and the uni- mobility, involving the enslave- nity, the links of this migration to versalisation and adoption of the ment, subjection, and exploitation African enslavement, and the pseu- European idea of the ‘nation-sta.
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