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Evaluation of UNESCO’s action to revitalize and promote indigenous languages

8 April 2021


The primary objectives of the present evaluation were to assess the higher-level process that led up to the Bangkok Statement on Language and Inclusion; results of the IYIL2019 and UNESCO‚Äôs contribution thereto; to inform the Global and (2) on empowerment of indigenous youth through capacity building Action Plan for the IDIL2022-2032; and, to determine the role and priority areas and ICTs, namely. [...] The intended users of the Singapore and Ecuador; and, evaluation are UNESCO‚Äôs senior management, particularly the Secretariat for both the IYIL2019 and the IDIL2022-2032 in the CI Sector, the UNESCO Intersectoral Task ‚ÄĘ two consultative workshops held respectively with the Steering Committee Team for the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, and all UNESCO staff of the IYIL2019 and UNESCO. [...] ‚Äúhigher-level results‚ÄĚ i.e., the aims set out by the UNGA quoted above, and the major 9 Representatives of the UNFPII, the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Special Objectives of the Action Plan and the Outcomes listed in the intervention areas. [...] The scope of the evaluation aimed to maximise the inclusion of both internal for the IYIL2019, Human Rights Council, and the Chair of the Voluntary Fund on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. [...] The primary intended users of the evaluation are the Coordinating Entity for the Indigenous participation, and theme (see ANNEX 6: METHODOLOGY OF THE IYIL2019 and the Intersectoral Task Force for the IDIL2022-2032.


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