cover image: ⋄ CODESRIA Bulletin Online, No. 16, June 2021 - A Rejoinder to Shivji’s ‘Dialectics of Magup



⋄ CODESRIA Bulletin Online, No. 16, June 2021 - A Rejoinder to Shivji’s ‘Dialectics of Magup

16 Jun 2021

This is to say that, ghout the essay, to anchor it to These measures included the aboli- when reading the author, one has populism point to a sense of awa- tion of the multi-party system; the to understand that his background reness as to its superficiality. [...] dissolution and re-establishment of and intellectual orientation have the army, and its integration into had the effect of moderating his The author’s core argument is the party; and the evisceration of views on first-phase government. [...] the first President of the Revolutio- to the judiciary’s lack of inde- As for sixth-phase president Samia nary Government of Zanzibar and pendence, and competence chal- Suluhu Hassan he cautiously as- First Vice-President of the United lenges. [...] The author’s essay points serts: ‘It is too early to say the Republic of Tanzania, to the extent to this phenomenon when he des- direction that the new regime will of attracting protest from the inter- cribes a situation where the head of take’ though ‘it is likely to be a national community. [...] In the The author’s reflection on the lega- sition under Kikwete, especially as mainland, lengthy detentions wit- cy of the previous regime in Tan- it benefited from the growing sup- hout trial weren’t unheard of under zania is detailed, provocative, and port of the struggling classes, and Nyerere.
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