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ภาคผนวกท่ี๑ แบคทีเรยี อี. โคไล ก. กอ นจะอธบิายใหเขา ใจเร่ืองราวท่ีถกูตอง จะตอ ง

1 September 2020


Having verified the specific characteristics of 8 of the Danish outbreak strains, the WHO CC sent the index strain and the reference strain for the O104 antigen to the EU-RL in Rome. [...] As in the present outbreak in Germany, the association of the French strains with severe disease (HUS) supports the view that this unusual combination of virulence factors might confer a very high degree of virulence. [...] By PFGE analysis of EAggEC O104:H4 strains that are positive and negative for the Shiga toxin (stx) gene, the authors further demonstrate that, in contrast to the diversity seen within this serotype, isolates from the 2011 German outbreak cases exhibit a level of genetic similarity, which is also seen in the EAggEC STEC/VTEC O104:H4 strain from an unpublished outbreak of HUS in Georgia, which was. [...] Additional comparison of genomic relatedness of the German 2011 epidemic strain with other previously detected STEC O104:H4 strains causing sporadic HUS cases in other parts of the world should provide a more complete understanding of the potential reservoir and possible origin of the 2011 epidemic strain. [...] Ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) scans of the abdomen revealed distinctive amounts of ascites and wall thickening of parts of the transverse and descending colon, but did not show any disturbance of the main arteries and veins.

Influenza Foundation of Thailand