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9 Jun 2021

The EELC alongside the other parties in the EE also made submissions on the meaning and have been undertaking the crucial work housing programmes and spatial planning was matter filed Heads of Argument and the matter is due relationship of sections 29(1)(a) and 29(3) of the of public education on the judgment and handed on 31 August 2020. [...] submission considers the right to education and the obligations of the South African government as a State Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of EELC made submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the Child. [...] In addition, it reached out to the Chairperson of the parliamentary an analysis on the broader regulatory framework Portfolio Committee, urging him and the members of the committee to consider the key challenges applicable to underperforming schools and of with the Bill more closely. [...] the provincial reports that provides information on the remedial interventions and strategies The EELC has had several engagements with the DBE and a range of stakeholders to discuss used by provinces and DBE, to improve school the challenges to the proposed function shift of ECD from DSD to DBE. [...] principals and district officials for one of the provinces with a view to getting a better sense of the practical remedial interventions and support LEARNER SUPPORT provided to ‘underperforming schools’ and the challenges with the implementation of the Much of the work in this thematic area has centred around: regulatory framework.
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