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Hazard Notes 2013–2021: Summarising eight years of Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC research

24 June 2021


concise summary of key research insights and findings based on the As part of the Hazard Notes series, the This collection summarises much latest CRC research, including an CRC also coordinates and publishes of the CRC’s research and is an outline of how this research can be, the Australian Seasonal Bushfire invaluable contribution to the or is being, used by the industry. [...] Evidence mapping and scales of the disasters and recovery As a collaboration across Australia and With the framework established, the next experiences for people, households and Aotearoa New Zealand, the project includes stage of this research was to review the communities. [...] capitals workshop in August 2019, end- provides visually engaging overviews, users discussed the content and format based on the evidence, of the role of each FUTURE DIRECTIONS of useful resources from the perspective of the recovery capitals, highlighting the The Recovery Capitals project is still in of recovery workers. [...] Information and Availability and accessibility of natural hazard Represents the relationship between communities and engagement information and community engagement to information, the uptake of information about risks and the encourage risk awareness. [...] The prescribed burning in the south west of WA prescribed burning treatments in the long-term model suggests that in the case study area, and can assist fire and land managers in and improving the model by including the a rate of 10% of DBCA-managed land treated making decisions about resource allocation.


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