Annual Report 2020
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Annual Report 2020

20 March 2021


Besides sequencing of the two bulks (cluster bulk and solitary assessment of improved IARI technologies for food bulk) obtained from the segregating F2 population of and nutritional security as well as climate resilience, Pusa Safed Baingan 1 (cluster bearing) and Pusa Hara the current status of e-NAM and the performance and Baingan 1 (solitary bearing). [...] Demonstrations of improved in Yavatmal district of central Marathwada region of varieties of field and horticultural crops of IARI and Maharashtra to assess the functioning performance various capacity building activities were organized in and supply dynamics of FPOs revealed that lack of the aspirational districts of Rajasthan, Haryana, and awareness among the farmers, marketing risk, less Uttar. [...] The study to demonstrations on wheat varieties (HD 2967, HD 3086 analyse the status and impact of protected cultivation and HD CSW 18) and 350 demonstrations on mustard of horticultural crops in Pune and Nasik districts of (Pusa Mustard-28 and 31) were conducted at 82 and 73 Maharashtra pointed out that the total establishment locations in an area of 80 ha and 140 ha, respectively. [...] A health camp on concept bulletins, regular and ad-hoc publications, both in of ‘One Health’ was organized for the first time for the English and Hindi, to disseminate the information on benefit of the farmers. [...] Many scientists, students and faculty of the Institute received several prestigious The Post Graduate school of IARI continues to awards and recognitions, and brought laurels to the provide national and international leadership in Institute.

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Centre for Environment Science and Climate Resilient Agriculture


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