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3 June 2021


st the overwhelming complexity of the biological world and the the 1 Place at the Research interactions between plant and microbes. [...] efforts and turnover of commercial cultivars during the study Genetics is one of the principal factors contributing to the “Losing a bumper grain crop because plants fall over is “It means we can discriminate among all the network of period, the level of resistance to lodging appears not to have heartbreaking for growers, and undermines efforts to increase lodging-associated genes for those pathwa. [...] › Achieve yields of 10 tonnes/ha, or greater, through “We will then take a close look at the chemical composition of “Our approach is to cast the net wide and screen the diverse aerobic cropping, which would minimise water and these varieties examining the whole plant from the leaves, trash and the stalks, to determine the best varieties and how these range of sugarcane genotypes already bred by S. [...] Council Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Professor Beveridge says the objective is to increase the This could be important for sorghum growers because the The centre will be assembling specialists and postgraduate Agriculture, is to provide a platform on which specialists in genetic rate of gain needed to keep crop yields in step with the number of tillers can affect yield posi. [...] environmental variation is due to tillers and nitrogen use, and to achieve this we have to be able to respect the research of all the different parts of a plant work and She says the difficult goal of doubling the genetic rate of gain you know how sugars (the product of photosynthesis) and people who use different yardsticks.


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