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OHTN Action Plan to Combat Anti-Black Racism

26 April 2021


OHTN Board to work with representatives of the Com- mittee to Address Anti-Black Racism (CABRc) and other relevant OHTN staff to develop and implement a joint Board-staff initiative to support various aspects of the Diversity, Racial Equity and Inclusion Strategy. [...] organizational approach and rationale for race-based data collection and reporting; • A link to the OHTN Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion Strategy; • A link to the OHTN Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism; • Links to resources or tools for understanding and addressing anti-Black racism in the context of HIV and health; • Promotion of Black initiatives and projects. [...] A number and (b) recommendations (actions and of concurrent events precipitated this uprising activities) to strengthen the OHTN’s commitment — continued police violence and deadly force to Black health and wellbeing both internally against Black people in the USA and Canada, (among/for staff and Board) and externally the grossly disproportionate toll of COVID-19 (though OHTN’s programs and commun. [...] The issues and recommendations In the midst of the uprising, the OHTN’s Black outlined here are informed by our accumulated staff came together to discuss anti-Black racism experiences as Black people who work for the at the agency, and collectively identify ways in OHTN and members of Black communities that which the agency may realize its opposition to have been exposed to anti-Black racism and. [...] We have a uniquely Appendix C — Black OHTN Recommendations Below, Black OHTN staff present the issues they identified, and actions and activities they recommend for the OHTN Board and senior management to achieve equity, inclusion and justice for Black staff, Black communities, and the OHTN.

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