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UPDATED: Vaginal Birth After Previous Low-Segment Caesarean Section Opens in a new tab

14 June 2021


This CPG is independent of and not intended certain we should be of the results) as well as the strength to replace the Professional Standards of the College of of the recommendation. [...] Methodological concerns The objective of this CPG is to provide a critical review about the included studies, variability across results, of the research literature on planned vaginal birth after applicability of the evidence to our context, precision caesarean section (VBAC), particularly as it relates to of the results and completeness of the evidence base are those with uncomplicated pregnancie. [...] informed choice regarding VBAC and ERCS is influenced by the profession’s strong belief in the promotion of physiologic This CPG supports VBAC as a safe choice for the majority birth with minimal intervention, and the Canadian obstetric of clients with a prior CS, and it acknowledges the growing community’s commitment of support for birth as a natural body of evidence that multiple CS have the pot. [...] (22) In an effort to improve selection of candidates interpreting the available evidence on the prediction of for VBAC and potentially decrease risks, researchers adverse outcomes, as much of the research discussed below have attempted to identify factors that accurately predict is from observational studies that provide low to very the likelihood of having a vaginal birth or the relatively low ce. [...] As a review of the research regarding optimal methods of induction was outside the scope of this update, the CPG Committee advised that midwives should refer to the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) guideline Trial of Labour after Caesarean (2019) for recommendations regarding methods of induction of labour for clients who plan VBAC.

Association of Ontario Midwives

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